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Rule No. 1 Never Compromise

Many paint contractors find it difficult understanding how much labor can be saved swapping one paint product for another. Labor differences are as clear as black and white for us. For example, this months paint order which exceeds ten thousand dollars for wall paints. There are other products to choose that would reduce the monthly purchase, and still get the job done right. One alternative paint option could reduce ten thousand in half, easily.

Anyone would love to save an extra five thousand if they could, right?

That’s brushed? That’s BEHR!

The more we learn about a products capabilities, the more we realize there is no short answer when asked about products. As you know, painting contractors can apply coatings many different ways. The above photo of a hand-brushed finish was first published on Google+ and later on paint talk with some basic discussion about how it was achieved. However, the same level of finish can be accomplished using a variety of methods.

30 Minutes or Less – Painting Front Doors

One time-suck after the next, but not today.

This weeks 30 Minutes of Less takes a closer look at spraying an exterior front door in—you guessed it, 30 minutes or less. Many paint contractors prefer to brush and/or brush and roll front doors about 5 or 6 times depending on color, but MAXIMUM PAINTING doesn’t play that game and neither should you. With our pump, paint and supplies sitting in the house we do the following:

HOW TO Paint MDF Trim Including Preparation Steps

This article covers options for how to paint MDF trim. Each MDF type requires a slightly different approach to achieve best results. Last week we talked about how to fill nail holes on MDF trim. You may want to read that when you are ready to fill nail holes if you missed it.

30 Minutes or Less – Painting Crownmold

Evolution of Systems

Everything you’ll find here on MAXIMUM PAINTING revolves around benchmarking to maximize efficiency on the job—ultimately leading to higher profits. And we have tons of fun doing it! From new products, to tweaking products, to creating systems around products—our goal is to find the most efficient means possible to perform everyday tasks. In this 30 Minutes or Less, we take a look at painting 133′ of crownmold in 30 minutes or less, with a brush.