Efficiency As Strategy

Efficiency as StrategyRealTalk w/Jack Episode 002 – Sales Strategy discusses efficiency as strategy (available for Pro Members on Pro Boards). A 34 page PDF preview titled As The Crow Flies – Efficiency as Strategy is available on the Pro Board under > Downloadables. It would be good to get familiar with the groundwork laid out in the 34 page preview for an upcoming discussion on Sales Strategy. Not a Pro Member? You can do that here.

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Airless Spraying Guide

Airless Spraying Guide - Jack Pauhl

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Glidden Essentials Review

Glidden Essentials

Glidden Essentials Review covers a new interior paint found at Home Depot this summer starting around $15 per gallon. The product is available in three tint bases plus a stock off-the-shelf white. The sheens available in (Low VOC, Low Order) are flat, eggshell, and semi-gloss. We started the review with interior flat mixed in Base 1. Glidden Essentials has good hide based on our initial test with the first gallon. In fact, Essentials has better hide than most paints in this price range. For more information on this paint, head over to Jack Pauhl on Pro Boards.