The Jack Pauhl Drywall Primer Guide

The Jack Pauhl Drywall Primer Guide


The Drywall Primer Guide (also The “B” Test;)[1] is the result of an in-depth analysis of 32 drywall primers to determine if drywall primer is adequate for sealing and equalizing differences in porosity, suction of panel paper, and joint compound(s).

The “B” Test reveals if drywall primer provides an adequate[2] bond with the panel paper and joint compound(s). In addition, to determine if a change in gloss or sheen occur over higher-suction areas.

To help determine the root cause of common problems associated with painting drywall, what follows is a physical description of each defect, along with an overview of contributing factors causing unsatisfactory results.

The Jack Pauhl Brushing Guide

Sample: Lesson 4 – Applied Pressure pg. 45

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77 pages including all new videos

Available March, 2015

PREMIUM PAINT – Quality Paint Brands

Quality Paint Brands

Do we really get what we pay for when purchasing premium quality paint brands? How do we identify premium paint? What we discovered at Jack Pauhl about a $20 paint may change everything you thought you knew about premium paints in the same way two paint brushes under $10 changed how we look at the true value of paint brushes.


Jack Pauhl

Proform BLAZE Brush

Proform Blaze


4 page preview of the Proform BLAZE brush

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