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How To Paint a Room Fast 6 minutes

How to paint a room fast with a brush and roller. A video created to demonstrate the possibilities of using great products and systems.

How to cut-in sharp paint lines with the Picasso brush

In this video I talk briefly about how to cut-in sharp paint lines using single pass cuts when cutting-in wall paint against trim without masking tape on smooth walls. Pay close attention to the quick ‘dry runs’ in the video. Notice how sharp the filaments glide along the casing tight and effortlessly. The focus of the video is on the difference between the rigid Picasso tip design vs. traditional flagged-style tipping which is often soft and weak at the tip in relation to cutting-in freehand vs. against masking tape.

Flagging basically means taking a single brush filament and splitting the end in two.

brush flagged

Flagged (above) Non-Flagged (below)

brush non flagged

Also watch the capabilities of Picasso being demonstrated in this short 3 minute video.

HOW TO: Painting 6 Panel Doors

Simple and Effective

Here is one technique I use for painting 6 panel doors to combat hot or windy days without compromising the smooth factory finish. This is the exterior side of an entry door. The door in this video has one coat of black paint, then one coat of Fortis and now in the video is a third coat on this fiberglass door. Notice how there is virtually no trace it was painted with a brush even after 3 coats.

Why it works

This method allows each section of the door to be painted without rushing to keep wet edges.

HOW TO: Load Balancing Example

The Anatomy Of A Cut

Here is one example of load balancing. The cut is made quick in the video below so I broke it down so you can see the efficiency difference between load balancing vs other methods. A common method of cutting-in is to go straight to the edge with the load. You can watch countless videos on YouTube demonstrating that type of cut. The video below demonstrates an alternative cut using load balancing.

Zinsser PRIMECOAT2 primer on bare poplar

Here is a short video demonstrating Zinsser PRIMECOAT2 over bare poplar. We’re always in search of the next best primer for bare poplar trim to replace oil-base Zinsser CoverStain, yea right… like that’s going to happen—or will it? Today we revisit Zinsser PRIMECOAT2 on bare poplar and take a closer look at how well the primer seals bare wood, sands AND holds gloss. The latter is the least of our concerns, we apply two coats of finish.