Valspar Wood Accents Finishing Stain Coffee

The Valspar Finishing Accent System, a new generation of high-performance waterborne stains and paints designed to color-match your interior wood projects to your new cabinets. Each kit is formulated for use in interior wood finishing applications on bare or previously unfinished wood.

In the past, achieving rich dark stain colors on hard woods was a lengthy process.

Valspar’s water-base Wood Accent Finishing System makes the stain process short and sweet. This stain dries fully to clear coat in 2-3 hours.

The stain color used above is ‘coffee’ and it applies darker than it dries. Always test on the same wood species and allow the stain to dry. We applied the water-base stain with a fine tip synthetic brush to achieve no brush-lines.

The product was very easy to apply. Be careful not to get ahead of yourself when applying. We were able to safely stain the large lower panels above and carry the styles along as we moved to the left. Should you get lapping, apply stain generously to the lapped area and it will re-wet the lap allowing you to blend.

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3 Responses
  • Chris Reply

    Looks like a great product, thanks for the info!

  • Tommy Johnson Reply

    Those look very nice. WB stains are something I don’t have a lot of experience with. Good to see a product perform so well in the field like that.

    Is this system available at the box store?

  • terry365painter Reply

    Wow remembered this review . Now after the fact i just finished some cabinets with old master’s gel stain going over red oak cabinets . I could of saved some time and money going this route . I spent 2 extra
    days waiting for stain to dry and cover . The end product was sweet though ..

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