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I have to say, your website may be my favorite resource online. I love the info and the manner in which it is delivered is two leagues above any other resource online. —Painter/Business Communications Student

Another great piece of work, Jack. This objective, hands-on testing like this will drive purchasing decisions for production and profit driven professionals. —Boetius

Your tips can help save countless hours for others. You’re a credit to our industry. —Damon

You have a way of articulating techniques in terms that are hard to come by in this industry. You seem to be on the cusp of developing a nomenclature that this trade is seriously lacking. It is innovative and seemingly unprecedented. It’s very impressive. —Dennis

Man you look like the authority on YouTube about painting videos. —A Paint Contractor

You’re the bees knees! This site is well done and has many valid techniques. xoxo —Jenni

Your videos are concise and very helpful. Thank you for making them for us! —Max

Jack, Thanks for providing so much great information on your site. —Bruce

Jack, I’ve been poring over your blog after discovering it several days ago. You have created an incredibly useful resource and I am grateful that you’ve chosen to share your experience. —Brent

“I Love your videos. I have been a painter for 25 years and I am always happy to learn something new.” —Charlie

Jack Pauhl painted my bathroom and it was awesome! —J. Moran

I can’t wait see your articles on cutting-in. Your tips in this area are extremely helpful. And the videos are awesome. I recently changed to a stiffer brush and it made a big difference. Please keep the articles and videos coming. :) —Joe

Hi there, I used your advice and bought Zinsser Gardz problem surfacer from Sherwin Williams. The walls I’m priming are bare drywall and I’m glad I found your article on how to prepare it for paint. Thanks! —Lisa

Jack, I agree with your review on the Wooster Alpha. This is a fine brush. Great pick up and release. Holds plenty of paint. Handles the one-coat “water-borns”  like Benjamin Moore Aura with ease. Fine lines, fine finish. This brush seems more interior than exterior to me. —Roger

Jack, Thanks for the tip on Cutting Ceiling Lines using the 2 pass method! After doing the ceiling a bit, I found myself also doing the 2 pass method also on baseboards and trim, and it worked out great! —Gadget

Jack, I held off on using the Wooster Silver Tip brush because of the disclaimer on the cover stating “semi professional results at a great price”. What they really should have said was “ultra professional results at a great price”. Wow! This brush can really bust a move. My co-workers were wondering if I had a double shot of expresso this morning. Not only fast cuts, but a beautiful finish also. For six dollars this brush is a steal. Thanks for the review Jack. Keep em coming. —James

Jack, Great tip in regards to HOW TO Make a Roller Cover Shed. A painting contractor I used to work for always had us wrap the rollers with tape. (I no longer do that). Thanks for the tip about wetting the roller before use. Seems like common sense, I should have figured that one out before! —Bella

Jack, I know this is an old post but I had to laugh at myself because I can so relate to what happens if you don’t clean your HVLP thoroughly after using it each time. I came across your blog this morning and you have some great info not only for diy’rs but some pro’s need to take note… if you know what I mean. Great blog. —Renee

Jack, Great find! I’ve been looking for something like the 3M TA-20 Hand Masker for a while now. Thanks! —Eric P.

Hi Jack. Just want to tell you I  enjoy reading your blog, your tips and ideas are great. Having been in the painting field for almost 30 years (own business or 22) I look for products to make my work faster, better.  On a website a few years back you were toying with the idea of writing a book, are you still ? Also would like to talk to you about your consulting , maybe something I’m considering. —Steve

Oh Jack, I love this stuff! I use it on just about everything!! I especially like the fact it doesn’t have a harsh smell like its counterparts do. Once you begin using Jig-A-Loo, you’ll find that you have countless applications for it. —Ayaussi

Jack, Watched the video Wipe Method | Cut-in Ceiling Lines. Great videos and painting tips. —BestCharlottePainters

Jack, I was reading your post on painttalk about Behr Paints. Thanks for taking the time to ask such a good question, and for braving the possible backlash. I know a lot of contractors don’t like to mention the word “Behr”. But in my personal experience, I have 7yr old Behr flat enamel that still looks great in my dining room. Sometimes Behr gets a bad rap, but all manufacturers can sometimes change their formulation and/or make good/bad runs from time to time. What may be good one year, can be bad the next, and vice-versa. I have gained a lot of knowledge from your blog. It has helped me a lot and I just secured my first job as a second tier paint contractor with your help. Looking forward to more of your posts best regards. —A.D

Hi Jack, Just a wee note to say thanks for all the great tips and tricks.I have a painting business down here in New Zealand and check in to your blog for time saving tricks and gadgets that’ll make my life easier; no idea why I didn’t think of the stool on wheels myself! Keep up the good work! Best regards, —Murdo.

Hi Jack, I’ve been keeping up with your blog since I first came across your posts on PaintTalk. Great articles, especially the product reviews and demonstrations! —Y.S

Hi Jack, Thanks for the post on Drywall Primers…Again! —George L

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