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Purdy Elite vs Purdy XL-Glide

Put paint in its place

Purdy Elite has been around for quite some time but we finally got our hands on one and spent last week with it. Like the Purdy XL, the Elite is hand-chiseled and fitted with Orel® polyester and nylon solid round tapered filaments however the Elite uses Chinex® instead of Tynex® found in the XL. Brushes with Chinex® requires a break-in period for best performance because the filament is self flagging. The XL and Elite are blunt cut.

HOW TO: Roll Walls – Technically Speaking, Not Really

Here is a video on how to roll walls to achieve the best uniform film, kind of. I say kind of because the roller cover I am using is not the best roller cover for rolling Duration Home Matte, but the technique is. The arm of the roller frame always faces left. Never flip the frame over, or you will reverse the roller cover nap texture on the wall, and it will dry and be seen in the finish on smooth walls.