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Filling Nail Holes – The Ultimate Reference Guide

Solve Nail Hole Problems Like A Pro

We rarely had issues filling nail holes in bare wood back-in-the-day, but today is an entirely different story. With mainstream building materials featuring many types of man-made composite products and paint products changing–we are constantly faced with new challenges filling nail holes. From sinking, shrinking, flashing, cracking, crumbling, dissolving…

Patching without flashing – Yes way!

When you get tired of wasting money and material painting over wall patches several times on satin or eggshell walls, try Gardz next time. Zinsser Gardz penetrates and seals patches thoroughly leaving you with a hard nonporous surface. The hardened surface allows your paint to blend nicely.

Crawford’s Vinyl Spackling Paste

Crawford’s vinyl spackling paste is easy to sand, almost too easy.

We used it to patch the areas seen below on doors after they stuck together. Crawford’s is easy to knife but because its lightweight— it required a bit of finesse to patch the faint areas seen below. We had to work the knife in different directions and at times, different pressure to achieve a flush fill. The other option would be to apply excessively to the areas and sand smooth.

DAP CrackSHOT Spackling Paste

Professional Knife Grade Spackling Paste

Provides easy application and unsurpassed paintability for all your drywall and other repairs. Save time not only with application, it does not require a primer to prevent flashing. The creamy texture of CrackSHOT spreads smoothly, dries hard and sands effortlessly, delivering quality results every time.