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In the Lab – Brush Hold Capacity

It’s either full of it—or it’s not

One of the top production killers might very well be the one in your hand. How you hold, load and execute cuts—determine the maximum efficiency of the cut. Benchmarking products in the field leads to all sorts of interesting useful data, like this one for example.

Cutting-in 1 mile or (5280 feet) takes one brush 6.5 hrs. Cutting-in with another brush of the same size was only capable of cutting-in 1884 feet in 6.5 hrs.

Picasso PIC1-2.5 Angular Oval Revisited

So different, you wont know how to act

Almost a year ago, Proform Technologies of Wyoming slapped us in the face with the world’s first angular oval brush, Picasso PIC1-2.5″ . It was stated in our September, 2010 Picasso PIC1-2.5″ review“…designed to be the most advanced brush you can buy today, tomorrow or next year.” We are in the business of moving paint and we could not have been any more true with that statement.

Purdy Elite vs Purdy XL-Glide

Put paint in its place

Purdy Elite has been around for quite some time but we finally got our hands on one and spent last week with it. Like the Purdy XL, the Elite is hand-chiseled and fitted with Orel® polyester and nylon solid round tapered filaments however the Elite uses Chinex® instead of Tynex® found in the XL. Brushes with Chinex® requires a break-in period for best performance because the filament is self flagging. The XL and Elite are blunt cut.

…and you thought you cleaned it good?

I’m a freak about cleaning paint brushes to get the most life out of them so you might imagine how surprised I was to see all this junk come out of a brush I thought was clean using water.  The brush was washed as usual with water then placed in Krud Kutter for about 5-6 minutes, occasionally working the brush. I let the dirty solution (60% water/40% Krud Kutter) sit over night and was surprised how much paint settled in the container. Seen above after I let it evaporate.


Unleash Your Talent Ergonomically

The Professional Ergonomic P2.5AS by Proform Technologies is the second brush to hit our test lab from the Wyoming company offering a new twist in handle design plus filament advancements. I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical about this brush but spent more time than usual testing it because of the superior finish it leaves with acrylic trim paints – simply amazing results. It wasn’t until later I noticed I was not holding the brush like it was designed.