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HOW TO: Roll Walls – Technically Speaking, Not Really

Here is a video on how to roll walls to achieve the best uniform film, kind of. I say kind of because the roller cover I am using is not the best roller cover for rolling Duration Home Matte, but the technique is. The arm of the roller frame always faces left. Never flip the frame over, or you will reverse the roller cover nap texture on the wall, and it will dry and be seen in the finish on smooth walls.

HOW TO: Caulking Door Casing Miters

Simple demonstration caulking miters on door casings. The key to keeping the gap closed is to pack the gap with caulk by forcing caulk into the gap rather than lightly applying caulk to the gap.

HOW TO: Caulk Baseboard Bridging Method

Short and sweet…

This video clip shows more on caulking using the bridging method. Not seen in the video is how much caulk is being pumped down into the gap. The caulk gun used has an 18:1 ratio which packs a gap fast and full and that is key to a successful caulk job to prevent shrinking.

How do you avoid picture framing when painting a room?


How do you avoid picture framing when painting a room?

HOW TO: Make a Roller Cover Shed Nap Fibers

All too often I see painters wrapping roller covers in masking tape to remove loose nap fibers. I’ve made it a point to investigate this crazy idea over the years, and I can tell you that all that does is loosen more nap fibers because the craziest thing happens when you keep re-wrapping a cover in tape… it keeps pulling fibers. Besides, a roller cover should be soaked in water and spun before each use. This allows for fast initial paint pick-up so you don’t need to roll half the wall before you start to feel the cover getting loaded with paint and helps with cleanup too.