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RIDGID 12 gal Wet and Dry Vac WD12450

Do you remember what you were doing 5 yrs ago?

We were purchasing this RIDGID wet/dry vac. RIDGID is located here locally along with Wooster Brush Company, Sherwin Williams, Glidden Professional, DEVOE, Flood and XIM. It should be no surprise we would end up with a RIDGID wet/dry vac–we’re glad we did. The durable, inexpensive, complexly simplistic vac provided outstanding service ever since.

MIRKA CEROS 550CV 5 inch Sander

Compact Electric Random Orbital Sander by Mirka

We have two sanders and dust extractors for your Review, the 5 inch (125mm) Mirka CEROS 550CV is one of them paired with the Mirka 912 Dust Extractor. The 5″ CEROS weighs just over 2 lbs, that is half the weight of the FESTOOL RO 125 FEQ in a 5″ diameter sander. Find out why we selected the CEROS as one of the two sanders for review.

Festool ROTEX RO 90 DX Preview

One more product off the wish-list

Many products on my wish-list do not exist today. A 3-inch orbital sander was one of them until a few months ago when Festool Rotex RO 90 DX was released. It comes in close to perfect at 3.5-inches, no complaints there. For years I’ve asked every woodworker I crossed paths with if they’ve seen a 3-inch orbital sander. Oddly enough, the last woodworker I asked–was about the time the RO 90 was hitting store shelves.

Production Killer – Shop Vacs

Kicking off a new series on How To Kill Production

If it involves painting a house and kills production, we’ll cover it. We take a close look at how various shortcomings kill production and offer alternative solutions to maximize efficiency. Let’s face it, paint contractors need shop vacs. They play an important role producing professional finishes but a few things can kill production. The shop vac in the photo is a good shop vac but there are a few things we can do to increase its efficiency on the job. The following features play an important role with production.