Sherwin Williams Solo Review A76 W 51 Acrylic Paint

Creating beautiful highly reflective finishes is not as easy as one might think—there is a trick to it. Creating smooth fine finishes with acrylics and a paint brush further complicates the task. This Sherwin Williams Solo Review has many things to offer for achieving highly reflective and beautiful hand brushed finishes, and this low viscosity acrylic is perfect for the task.

Sherwin Williams Solo Review

NEW: Find out exactly how we create highly reflective finishes with Solo using our step by step paint guide. 

When we reviewed Solo back in May of last year, we commented on the smooth reflective qualities which at that point set a benchmark for acrylics. We certainly did not expect to witness the results achieved with Solo in last years acrylic roundup for overall film build and appearance. Being the trade snobs that we are—Solo is the first product offered by Sherwin Williams grabbing our attention at first load. I knew there was something noticeably different immediately.

It would be easy to dismiss Solo as an upgraded Pro Classic with a bit of attitude, but that would miss the point. Solo appears to be a synthesis of the best raw materials in recent acrylics.

Solo is new to the Cleveland market and retails for $55.99, considerably higher than our TOP PICKS for hand brushed finishes, BEHR ULTRA at $32 and BEHR Premium Plus at $26, but the overall finish of Solo ranks high up there and almost identical to BEHR ULTRA. Although, two major features BEHR has over Solo is stain-blocking and self priming. The fact that Solo is a interior exterior paint means little to us. If you are familiar with BEHR ULTRA or BEHR Premium Plus… Solo brushes just as easy and levels nicely, although both BEHR’s have more open time.

About the only thing Solo can’t do well is maintain acceptable open time in uncontrolled environments, but if you can live with this limitation, or know how to work around it (see guide), Solo stands as one of the best acrylic finishes currently on the market, and certainly worth reward.

Sherwin Williams Solo Review

Low Viscosity

In our world, where every single load counts—Solo’s viscosity is very close to the sweet spot we love for achieving maximum spread rate efficiency. Find out in the guide how to reach the maximum spread rate with Solo without compromising anything. Yes, we meticulously figured it out for you.

Sherwin Williams Solo Review

Coverage and Leveling

Solo has excellent hide and leveling capabilities but that depends on how you apply it, and with what. We’ve seen varying results anywhere from disastorous to awesome such as this one coat of stock white Solo semi-gloss we achieved going over Sherwin Williams Heartthrob Red. Other painters were not so fortunate to achieve the same result. The guide provides tips on how to get the most bang for your buck out of Solo to ensure you have a great experience using it, like we did.





Some folks enjoy all the glory receiving credit in the end for a job well done, but we’re much more into the dirty work getting there, and getting there is just that much easier with Solo. I’ll be upfront and say, Solo could have had me fooled in a blind test between Premium Plus or BEHR ULTRA.

This article is Copyright 2013 and may NOT in part or in whole be reproduced in any electronic or printed medium without prior permission from the author.

Discover tips and tricks for creating beautiful hand brushed finishes with Sherwin Williams Solo semi gloss in this unique, simple to follow, product specific, HOW TO Guide. Consider it a User Guide for Solo.

Sherwin Williams Solo

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4 Responses
  • Chris Haught Reply

    Jack, we have been using Solo for years and have been very pleased. Glad you liked it!

  • emma Reply

    Hi Jack, I have the contractor painting the exterior on my house but I need to decide which paint I should go with. Sherwin-Williams A100, Solo, Behr premimum plus ultra, or just Behr Premium plus. My house is in San Diego of California. All the exterior woods will be painted – siding, trim, fascia, etc.
    I’m reading lots of review and two painters I talked to said either one would do the job. For me, I’m looking for a good paint that provide the longest and best protection to the wood based on the climate and environment so that I don’t have to do this too often. Thanks so much for your recommendation.

  • Nick Reply

    I’m looking at Solo and A-100 for repainting my metal garage doors.
    From the product literature they seem basically the same except the A-100 has a 15 yr warranty and Solo just has a generic “customer satisfaction guarantee” that is not spelled out.

    What is your experience with A-100 and would it be a better choice, if not just for the warranty?
    Why would Solo not have a warranty?
    Their video seems to push Solo for the contractor who wants to paint fast and move from job to job with the same paint.

  • Randy Reply

    Did not like it shows brush marks and dries to fast hard to work with

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