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Microfiber Roller Covers

Microfiber Roller Cover

The following provides a few tips for using microfiber covers to ensure you have the best experience. Microfiber roller covers are known for their ability to hold a lot of paint which typically allows you to roll further with each load.

Make sure the cover has a nice bevel on the end. If not, wet the cover and use scissors to cut bevels.

How To Paint a Room Fast 6 minutes

How to paint a room fast with a brush and roller. A video created to demonstrate the possibilities of using great products and systems.

Painting with a Roller 8 Tips for your Rolling Pleasure

Painting with a roller is efficient, and way, way faster

When it comes to quality and painting with a roller fast, there are certain products you’ll need, and certain techniques from which you’ll want to steer far away. As with everything we do here in the Jack Pauhl lab, we’re working up countless time studies under close scrutiny in order to isolate production killers —and squash them dead in their tracks. By the time we finally nail down a system, it’s usually a big deal. The following pages outline 8 tips for rolling walls with 9 or 18-inch rollers.

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Paint Tray or Bucket Rolling

The 9 merits of pan rolling you don’t want to hear!

Which is better to roll out of, a paint tray or bucket? It does not take much more than a glance to spot production killers on the job. They are everywhere, and if you are unable to identify them, they will eat your profits alive. At Jack Pauhl, we’re firm believers in a DO NOT list outlining a growing group of important general rules and guidelines spanning products, systems and techniques to maximize productivity. Bucket rolling lands the number one spot on our list of the Top 100 Production Killers, and for good reason.

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Roll like a Boss

Roll with Metronome-like Consistency

Imagine this… you pull into the gas station to fill up the tank, park by the pump, turn off the car, pop the fuel lid, get out of the car, remove the gas cap, and swipe your card.  The steps you follow may be different, but nonetheless you perform the same ritual every time you pump gas. You created a natural system for pumping gas, but if we timed various systems, only one would be the most efficient. Rolling walls also became a natural system…

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