Rolling vs Spraying Doors – Time Study

Do you remember the “No Compromise” policy I always talk about? Here is one example of hundreds: painting the exterior side of doors.

What exactly does it mean to have a “no compromise” policy? It simply means never compromise a system for efficiency under any circumstances. This literally means having the ability to be presented with two options on the job and have the will power to go with the most efficient despite your personal preference

We learned a range of ways to paint a door. Let’s compare rolling vs spraying. Rolling multiple coats on doors with mini-rollers is common. It works fine right? I mean, sure we can all apply nice finishes with short nap covers. Some painters say the doors look sprayed, but here again, we’re talking about “apple finishes” vs. “orange peel finishes.” I think what some painters are really saying is, the door doesn’t look “brushed” 3-6 times.

On one level, rolling is understandable, but more importantly is the time it takes to roll several coats, probably three. How long does that take? Can you successfully apply 3 coats in one day with dry-times?

Can your schedule afford to be tied to a door all day?

How many times have you made a special trip to apply the last coat on a door? Have you ever thought afterwards… “I should have just sprayed it.”

By masking-off and spraying doors, a final finish is accomplished in a fraction of time. In fact, I would argue based on what I see often, a door can be sprayed in the same time it takes one guy to roll one coat, but the rolled door still needs two more coats.

Having a “No Compromise” policy prevents unnecessary labor from being wasted. I would never, roll a door for the simple fact there is a faster, easier way. The minute we make a decision to roll 3 coats is the minute we decide to give up money we could be making.

Be aware of the fact that your mind will tell you “it’s just one door,” but let your wallet tell you that its money you are throwing away.

Busy schedules do not allow for freedoms of wasting time. It’s moments like these when taking the “long route” starts to pile up because you’ve wasted too much time trying to buck the Laws of Pauhl

The time it takes one guy to paint one door with a roller is the same time it takes one guy to spray three doors.

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  • Ian crump Reply

    Although we spray all internal doors, I struggle to spray a single door that is hung on the frame. Probably because having an approach to masking that will be productive and suitable to spray with confidence, I hate the idea of getting overspray where I don’t want it. Any suggestions.

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