Porter Cable Heat Gun PC1500HG_1

A few weeks back PORTER-CABLE held a new product webinar to unveil 5 new tools to hit the store mid to late October. Among them is the PC1500HG heat gun.

The PC1500HG includes a variable temperature dial that ranges from 120-1,150 degrees and a dual-speed fan selector, enabling specific heat and air flow selection for certain applications like scraping paint, removing wallpaper or bending PVC pipe.


It comes with a three-year limited warranty, one-year free service contract and 90-day money back guarantee.


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2 Responses
  • Bruddah Mike Reply

    Pretty much the only time I use a heat gun is for drying out wood rot prior to using wood hardener. Careful kids don’t try this at home. I have had a few flare-ups! I must say the idea of being able to bend a PVC pipe sounds handy though.

  • David Hanley Reply

    I like this portable gun. This is smart heat gun.

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