Glidden Essentials Review

Glidden Essentials

Glidden Essentials Review covers a new interior paint found at Home Depot this summer starting around $15 per gallon. The product is available in three tint bases plus a stock off-the-shelf white. The sheens available in (Low VOC, Low Order) are flat, eggshell, and semi-gloss. We started the review with interior flat mixed in Base 1. Glidden Essentials has good hide based on our initial test with the first gallon. In fact, Essentials has better hide than most paints in this price range. For more information on this paint, head over to Jack Pauhl on Pro Boards.

Airless Sprayer Workshop

Are you thinking about spraying or new to spraying? The Airless Sprayer Workshop will help you get started spraying trim and doors with an airless sprayer. Also learn about the tools you’ll need for masking and how to mask. Head over to the Workshop and sign up!

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Work is picking up for a lot of people. Schedules are filling fast. Things are already in full-swing for many of us. Are you tired of working long hours yet? Do your summers fly by? Come fall, do you wonder where the time went? Summer doesn’t officially start until June 21 and burning ourselves out too soon will inevitably put us on a path of no good. Next thing you’ll be saying is, “I need to hire more help.” You may already be in that situation.

Jack Pauhl, is there anything you don’t know about the true craft of painting? Always impressed brother.

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