Mirka Handy Sanding Block. Handy Indeed.

Suck it up, Painters!

Sometimes all it takes is color to make things handy but Mirka did not stop there. All-new Handy by Mirka is a masterpiece disguised in simplicity. The extractor-ready sanding block has a soft-grip ergonomic handle which allows more control while sanding. With 55 dust extraction holes spanning a block of  3 x 9 inches (80x230mm) paired with Mikra Abranet abrasives—tethered to a dust extractor—you too can sand virtually dust-free.

Its products like the Handy that makes you stand out from your competition within the reputation you hold because you put the extra into the little things that make a substantial difference, ultimately providing a pleasant experience for your customers.

The main benefit here is the dust-free sanding because we all know despite our best efforts how drywall dust manages to travel throughout the house into rooms you never imagined dust would land. Put a stop to it once and for all. Mirka Handy is specially useful when sanding patches on smooth flat ceilings where drywall dust has the longest time to travel before it lands on something. You will save time by eliminating the time you would normally spend running the shop vac over your sanded areas prior to painting. Another huge benefit with this sanding system is the Abranet abrasives. You will never look at sanding the same way once you use Abranet. The abrasives are extremely efficient at cutting through whatever you’re sanding. From 40 grit to 600, you’ll have everything covered.

Sand and sweep in 1 = huge benefit

The extraction port is 20mm with a rotating collar around the suction valve to dial-in the right amount of suck. Yes, it sticks on the wall when you let go of it so you can grab your 5-in-1 out of your pocket and scrape something you come across without getting off the ladder. The Handy is super-lightweight.

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4 Responses
  • Kelley Nelson Reply

    Where can you buy one of these blocks and the appropriately sized abrasives in the US?

  • Tom Scott Reply

    Yes Kelley I am asking the same question. Where do you buy these abrasives and sanding block? I would like to try this sanding system as well.

  • jackpauhl Reply

    Check on Amazon or go to http://www.mirka-ceros.com and use the Where to Buy Tab at the top of page.

  • Charles Budd Reply

    Totally agree with this review. I’ve had a Mirka standing block for 18 months and it’s invaluable. Until I bought my Mirka Ceros I used it for every sanding job I could – especially walls and flat woodwork.

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