Microfiber Roller Covers

Microfiber Roller Cover

The following provides a few tips for using microfiber covers to ensure you have the best experience. Microfiber roller covers are known for their ability to hold a lot of paint which typically allows you to roll further with each load.

Make sure the cover has a nice bevel on the end. If not, wet the cover and use scissors to cut bevels. Typically most of the microfiber covers come with a nice bevel.

After trimming, spin the cover out good. Microfiber wants to hold onto water, so aggressive spinning is necessary in comparison to the quick spin you would give traditional covers.

Marinate the cover much longer than traditional covers. Microfiber holds a lot of paint. It takes a lot of spinning on the ramp to load the cover properly, much longer on a paint grid. Your experience using microfiber won’t be such a great one if you fail to load the cover properly.

The following may occur if not loaded properly.

1. Uneven film
2. Poor coverage
3. Nappy finish
4. Short loads
5. Uneven shape of the cover
6. You’ll suck up what you put down
7. Side tracking
8. Matting

The photo of a microfiber cover was saturated on the ramp for 5 minutes with periodic spinning and loading. Notice the cover is nowhere near full yet. Once a cover is full of paint, the paint will sit on top of the cover and not soak into it.

Avoid running the cover dry. Remember how long it took to load it, you are essentially starting over when you run the cover dry. Use light “even” pressure when rolling.

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3 Responses
  • eddie gale Reply

    Been in uk for a while and like using them but after reading this article realised I’m not getting enough paint on, went back to prodoozy which gives nice finish, will test micros again with yoiur advice, many thanks, regards, edd

  • Terry Beutler Reply

    Jack , thanks been trying these, with some frustration .
    I guess my first mistake, was not getting them wet enough or spinning them out good .
    second loading . or maybe running them dry .
    I typically use 1/2 nap 14 inch or 18 . Purdy blue or 50/50 or produz
    suggestions, for heavy texture 9/16 seems to big .

    • Brian Havanas Reply

      Terry, I use 9/16 inch for very tight finishes on smooth walls. Not all microfiber covers are equal. Which microfiber cover did you try? Maybe I can shed some light on what you experienced.

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