HOW TO: Painting 6 Panel Doors

Simple and Effective

Here is one technique I use for painting 6 panel doors to combat hot or windy days without compromising the smooth factory finish. This is the exterior side of an entry door. The door in this video has one coat of black paint, then one coat of Fortis and now in the video is a third coat on this fiberglass door. Notice how there is virtually no trace it was painted with a brush even after 3 coats.

Why it works

This method allows each section of the door to be painted without rushing to keep wet edges.

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3 Responses
  • Lad Reply

    I don’t believe this video will really help anyone who’s trying to learn to paint a paneled door by just brushing. Whats being shown is the painting of the easiest part of a door or this style.Most people can master the actual panels because its confined to a small area that has natural breaks on all four sides. I believe what would of been helpful to those viewing would be to show how to paint the rails and stiles as to not end up lap marks at every intersection.

    • Brian Havanas Reply

      Hi Lad, Do you think this part is not clear enough?

      “Why it works

      This method allows each section of the door to be painted without rushing to keep wet edges.”

      The whole idea behind the video is to break the door down into manageable sections like you suggested in your comment.

      I could re-do it to include stiles.

      Thanks for your feedback.

      • Lad Reply

        I appreciate your time in reading my post. Yes i believe if you could show how to tackle the rails and stiles after the panels, it would be a great insight for those trying to learn proper painting. Although as we both surely know it will require practice to achieve a beautiful finish by hand.The hardest thing I’ve dealt with while training newbies is having them understand that there is a certain feel to the brush while painting a surface properly. They will ask how do you know when your doing it right? All I can say is you’ll know when it happens. The brush shouldn’t have any drag to it especially when laying off on your final passes . If its dragging your not using enough material or you are over brushing it. I let them take their time learning how to do it right until they get the hang of that certain feel that a brush requires to produce truly fine finishes. Again thank you for your time

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