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Sherwin Williams Solo

Create Beautiful Hand Brushed Finishes

Sherwin Williams Solo A76 W 51


Learn Fast

If you want to learn how to paint, there are countless free videos online showing how to paint. We offer free painting videos too. But, if you want to skip searching and get straight to learning—our short and concise HOW TO Painting Guides will launch you into accomplishing great things, fast.

Learn Tricks of the Trade

Learn tricks of the trade to effectively paint with Sherwin Williams Solo to maximize your time efficiency, increase profits, produce outstanding results and skip the hassles of determining which methods work best. Simply put, there are no other painting guides like it, anywhere.

Experience Solo

Our HOW TO Painting Guide includes a list of materials used and all necessary information required to achieve a beautiful hand brushed finish. Pushing your systems to new heights can be extremely rewarding—if all goes right. Take a few minutes to understand the concepts of fine finishing in 6 simple Steps and learn how to avoid costly mistakes in this proven, color coded guide designed to provide a great experience using Solo.

Your Guides. Your Way.

The painting guides were created to fulfill seemingly countless reader inquires asking how we accomplish the finishes in the photos we publish online. While we love hearing from our readers, we realized something had to be done about it. Now, based on reader feedback you can have your guides, your way, right now—featuring leading products in our industry.

Get it now

Not only did we go to great lengths to keep our guides simple to follow, we also made buying them simple. Get it now with only an email address and credit card number. No names, phone numbers, or address required.

Our systems change. So should yours. Automatic notification of guide changes.

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I have to say, your website may be my favorite resource online. I love the info and the manner in which it is delivered is two leagues above any other resource online.- Painter/Business Communications Student


Another great piece of work, Jack. This objective, hands-on testing like this will drive purchasing decisions for production and profit driven professionals. -Boetius


Your tips can help save countless hours for others. You’re a credit to our industry. -Damon


You have a way of articulating techniques in terms that are hard to come by in this industry. You seem to be on the cusp of developing a nomenclature that this trade is seriously lacking. It is innovative and seemingly unprecedented. It’s very impressive. -Dennis

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6 Responses
  • Lance C Futcher Reply

    Hi Jack,

    My name is Lance Futcher and I am an independent paint specialist trainer in Australia.
    Where can I get hold of a copy of your book “Hand Brushed Finishes”.

    My key role is teaching the staff of independent paint specialists here in Australia about selling not just paint but also ancillary items as well as talking to them about specifications and application processes and therefore I believe your book would be extremely interesting.

    Regards Lance C Futcher

    • Jack Pauhl Reply

      Hi Lance. There is a Get it now button on this page. Clicking it will bring up an overlay which allows you to buy it instantly with only an email address and credit card number. Thats it. Thank you for supporting the site. Let me know if you have any troubles.

  • Mr. Khrum Reply

    Hi Jack, will the How-to for Advance be available February 1st? Also, what are your thoughts on spraying Advance? Thanks!

  • Mr. Khrum Reply

    Jack, just following up my last comment as you seem to have gone missing….

    • Jack Pauhl Reply

      Yes the Benjamin Moore Advance Guide will be available February 1st. A review of Advance will also be posted Feb 1st. The Art of Watching Paint Dry is a guide specific to brushing. Spraying Advance will be a separate guide mainly because there are many painters who never spray anything and the products and equipment used in our spray system differ from our brushing system.


  • Morris Pook Reply

    Would like to know how to get a hard copy of your Guide publicions, please.

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