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Flashback 1983 Old School Style

My job allows me to work with hundreds of painters and I really never know what to expect. This flashback from 1983 caught me by surprise. The 27 year old Sherwin Williams pump is still in regular use. Here is a short clip of it. John offers this tip: “You can never give a pump enough throat seal”. The 820002 was a Super Nova manufactured by Graco and sold by Sherwin-Williams in the mid 1980s.

HOW TO: Pump Does Not Prime Graco Tradeworks 150

Troubleshooting Graco Tradeworks 150 airless sprayer, pump does not prime. The most likely scenario is a stuck ‘check ball’ located in the inlet section. The check ball is basically a large floating ball bearing and if the pump was not flushed clean during the last use this ball may be stuck.

Graco ProShot Cordless Airless Sprayer

We had some time to try the soon to be released Graco ProShot Cordless Airless Sprayer MSRP $449

The sprayer was larger and lighter than I thought even with a full cup of paint. We primarily sprayed the exterior side of front doors. Before I talk about the details —I want to talk about the general concern many people have about the cordless airless sprayer being disposable.

Graco MAGNUM x5 Airless Sprayer

Coming Next Month

Graco MAGNUM x5 review along with everything you should know about this airless sprayer. Are you in the market for a lightweight portable pump? You have some options and we’ll cover the details! Our main pump on the job is a Graco ULTRA MAX II 695 along with others but we found a need for the MAGNUM x5 sprayer and we’ll tell you what it is.

Graco ProShot Cordless Airless Paint Sprayer

Cordless Airless Sprayer with lots of potential

We all are familiar with Graco and their HUGE line of paint sprayers and you might imagine the research and technology that goes into producing any one of their products. The PROSHOT™, to date, is Graco’s most expensive undertaking as they pave the way for the first handheld professional cordless airless paint sprayer.