DAP Finishing Putty

We are confused why such a dark color white putty would be called finishing putty when the color does not seem to match anything white we can find. Nonetheless, we used it to fill nail holes on pre-primed trim, PVC brickmold and other hardy plank-like composite materials. The putty is tacky to use (clingy). Getting the putty to snap off clean over the hole was difficult and very slow to apply. Any residue on your finger or putty knife wants to pull the putty back out or drag and move it. Almost impossible to fill faint dings or scratches.

For best results, DAP Finishing Putty is a putty to be used as a finish (without painting, sanding or staining).



As a painter, I am unable to come up with a use for this putty. I thought it was awful to use. This is a putty to use when there is nothing else available within a 30 mile radius of the job to save a trip. Painters need better options for filling nail holes with putty. This product reflects a compete lack of determination to design a useful nail putty. The color of this putty is darker than anything with found on several off-white color pallets.

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  • Lisa Reply

    I wish I’d read this before I wasted the money on this goo!

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