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Let me paint the picture for you. I am extremely busy. I do not have a secretary or administrative help. It’s just me. I work a regular full-time job. I maintain three blogs, two websites, the Jack Pauhl Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, and three Google+ accounts. I also create content, How-To Painting Guides, marketing strategies, and produce and publish Painthacker magazine. In addition, I perform around-the-clock product testing as well as innovative product design and consulting.

Consequently, I have (literally) anywhere from 15-30 minutes per day for personal email. That means while you can contact me by email using the form below, I will likely not reply to it unless it is of importance. Please be relative. I will try to read your email, but given how little time I have, even that is a challenge.

If your question is about any of the following topics, it isn’t a good idea to email me. I won’t be adding to what I already have online (websites and blogs), or what I’ve written in Painthacker magazine. Here’s the list:

1) What do you recommend for….?

2) Have you tried (blank) yet?

3) What should I use over (blank)?

4) What do you think about (blank)?

Your best chance of catching my attention would be on the Jack Pauhl Facebook Fan Page. My apologies, but it’s the reality of it all. I’m just being honest, I can’t change the busy circumstances.

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