MIRKA CEROS 550CV 5 inch Sander

Compact Electric Random Orbital Sander by Mirka

We have two sanders and dust extractors for your Review, the 5 inch (125mm) Mirka CEROS 550CV is one of them paired with the Mirka 912 Dust Extractor. The 5″ CEROS weighs just over 2 lbs, that is half the weight of the FESTOOL RO 125 FEQ in a 5″ diameter sander. Find out why we selected the CEROS as one of the two sanders for review.

The following provides a glance at the CEROS and 912 Extractor.

The Mirka Compact Electric Random Orbital Sander is a unique all-round machine that’s packed with features. It’s compact and lightweight, yet the ultra-reliable, air-tight brushless motor is powerful enough to maintain a constant speed under load. The optimized ergonomics make it comfortable to grip and easy to use, while the low profile design gives it high manoeuvrability and helps it deliver precise and efficient sanding performance. It’s also virtually silent in operation, cheap to run, requires minimal maintenance and is practical to use in any location where a power source is available. Due to its smaller (125 mm) backing pad, this machine is particularly suited to sanding window and door frames.

After unpacking the CEROS, we couldn’t help ourselves but to walk around the shop and start stripping whatever we can get our hands on. We started by spending a few minutes stripping this table top. After a quick inspection of the finish on the table, we went straight for the 100 mesh Abranet and tore through the clear and stain to bare wood in no time flat and removed the scratches while we were at it.

The CEROS is lightweight and compact, low-profile design, easy to hold and very easy to guide. We did not experience any jumping or jerking, one-handed sanding with ease. The speed can be adjusted using the + / – buttons at the base of the throttle lever (paddle). The LED lets you know you have power and turns red when stepping through the speed. The CEROS ran smooth straight out of the box due to its air tight DC brushless motor (converter included), very smooth and light. The experience was more like operating an air sander rather than a traditional orbital sander. For finish sanding, and the speed set two steps down from top speed, allows small pieces laying on the workbench to be sanded without having to hold it, or clamp it down for a reference perspective on how easy it is to operate one handed.

Precise Control

The throttle lever can operate in two modes. In Mode 1, the throttle lever acts as an ON/OFF switch when its depressed. The tool will operate at the maximum adjusted speed set by the + / – buttons. In mode 2, the lever can be set to variable speeds depending how far you depress the lever. The mode can be changed by using the + / – buttons. Simply press and hold both + / – at the same time for 3 seconds, the LED will flash and you are in the other mode. To switch back, simply repeat the process. Very nice flexibility to change speeds without requiring to press the + or – buttons independently if you prefer. Alternatively, you can step through the speeds from 4000 to 10,000 rpms using the + / – button in increments of 1,000.

The extraction hose is threaded onto the sander using the connected nut. Simply get the hose started on the threads and turn the nut to tighten. The power cord and hose play nice together. We tried every imaginable maneuver trying to get the hose to bind but the hose easily rotated with our movements without binding.

It was interesting to see how much we removed from the table top because virtually all dust is captured with the Mirka 912 Extractor. Even the sander remained near spotless (seen above). The dust extracted has the consistency of baby powder.

There are 44 holes on the base pad seen with an Abranet disc which combined may be why the sander operates so smooth without jumping or jerking. It will accept 6 and 8 hole with the center hole Festool paper too.

Shown below, CEROS with Abranet HD for stripping

At a Glance: Mirka 912 Dust Extractor

This highly versatile industrial vacuum cleaner is designed for dust-free sanding in combination with electrical and pneumatic machines, hand sanding blocks and the Mirka Deco Sander and can also be used for cleaning workspaces. Features include an automatic electrical start, adjustable suction and an earthed hose connection to eliminate static electricity in the hose. Therefore, this M-class vacuum cleaner should always be used with Mirka antistatic hoses.

The Mirka 912 Extractor stands just under 24-inches tall (600mm). The CEROS transformer can be placed on top of the extractor, it fits snug. John and I both commented on how quiet the extractor is at 59 dB. While I was sanding with the CEROS, I had to walk over to the extractor twice to make sure it was on. We were unable to hear it running.

When we shop for and review shop-vac’s (extractors), the first things we examine after reading the specs are;

…and so many more.


Mirka 912 US Extractor
POWER 840 watts
Weight 22.0 lbs (10 kg)
Noise Sound Level 59 dB / 62 dB
Maximum Suction Capacity 127 CFM (3600 l/min)
Maximum Vacuum 92″ (2300 Pa)
Tank Volume 7.92 gal (30 liters)
Dimensions W14″xD18″xH24″ (360x450x600mm)
Connected Load Appliance Socket 600 watts
Power Cord Length 24 feet
Push & Clean Filter Cleaning System


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4 Responses
  • ginger Reply

    Can the MIRKA CEROS 550CV 5 inch Sander be connected to a Shop-Vac? I like the idea of the Mirka 912 Dust Extractor, but we have very little room to store anything so I’m hoping our current Shop-Vac can be used instead. Please advise.

    Also, does the Mirka MR-5 5″ Pneumatic Random Orbital Finishing Sander with PSA Pad have a brushless motor?

    I’m trying to understand the differences between the MIRKA CEROS 550CV 5 inch Sander and the irka MR-5 5″ Pneumatic Random Orbital Finishing Sander .

    I welcome any help you can provide.

  • Dan Reply

    Hi Brian. Have you had a chance to review the new Deros yet?

    • Bruddah Mike Reply

      There shouldn’t be any brushes in a Pneumatic because it is run by air. There simply is no motor.

  • Bruddah Mike Reply

    If you plan on doing Paint work these days, you have to be licensed to work with lead based paint and have the proper tools to do so. This includes having a HEPA vacuum that is certified, not like your home vacuum cleaner with a so-called HEPA filter. A regular shop Vac will not cut it and you will be fined thousands of dollars if caught. I’m assuming the Mirka Vac is capable of meeting this criteria (?)

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