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Is your painting business new?

If so, you’ve got your work cut out to establish a reputation for being significant in your market. Maybe you’re already established in your market. If so, you know the importance of maintaining your position in the market. No sooner we become comfortable, some new painting business comes along and steals our existing clients. We need to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Transform your painting business, and the way you go about getting business.

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Efficiency As Strategy

Efficiency as StrategyRealTalk w/Jack Episode 002 – Sales Strategy discusses efficiency as strategy (available for Pro Members on Pro Boards). A 34 page PDF preview titled As The Crow Flies – Efficiency as Strategy is available on the Pro Board under > Downloadables. It would be good to get familiar with the groundwork laid out in the 34 page preview for an upcoming discussion on Sales Strategy. Not a Pro Member? You can do that here.

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 Jack Pauhl Pro Boards target specific issues that may be negatively affecting your painting business. Discover advanced strategic business solutions to increase profits, and ensure your place in the market.

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