Blaklader Heavy Duty Powerpack

Dare to be Different. They are Different.

Blaklader has been a leading workwear company in Sweden for 50 years. The workwear is popular in all of Europe and now available throughout North America. Blaklader engineering has developed an extensive list of workwear innovations setting the standard for functional workwear. From external utility pockets and Cordura reinforced kneepad pockets their workwear makes you more efficient.

The POWERPACK includes 1 painter pants, 1 shirt and 1 belt.

The quality of the 100% cotton twill painter pants is immediately noticeable the moment you open the box. Certainly not your average painter pants and the stitching carries a lifetime warranty. (left side leg shown below) Holds business cards or a phone in that portion, also seen is a breakaway blade. The iPhone fits nicely in the pocket behind the business card area but its a separate pocket than the one to the right of the business card. An iPhone is 4.5 inches (115.2 mm) H by 2.31 inches (58.6 mm) wide. The iPhones width is about the same as a business card so the iPhone fits entirely behind the business card.

In the photo below the front pockets have pockets in them that can pull out or stay in which essentially give you two nail-pouch like pockets. More photos on Flickr.

This next photo below is same as above but with inner pocket pulled out.

The rear pockets expand at the bottom of the pocket allowing whatever you put in there to have more room when you bend or kneel.

Seen below, the right-side leg pocket is positioned better than on Dickies pants. The 5-in-1 tool would stick straight out the side of the leg on my Dickies pants when squatting. I’m not sure if that is common or not but I stopped putting my 5-in-1 in the leg pocket because of it. On the Blaklader pants, the 5-in-1 stays positioned in-line on the side of my leg. These pants are more relaxed fitting than the Dickies painter pants so its nice to keep my 5-in-1 on me again. The iPhone fits nicely in the short portion of the pocket below and room for a thicker phone. An iPhone is 4.5 inches (115.2 mm) H by 2.31 inches (58.6 mm) wide.

The knees are ready for pad inserts. No information to offer on how they hold up but they are more comfortable to wear vs  Dickies painter pants. The pants shrunk about 1/2″ in length after the first wash. The actual inseam was a bit longer than size ordered but after the wash they are exactly the size ordered.


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7 Responses
  • Chris Reply

    Thanks Jack, been seeing more choices for painters apparel lately, that is a good thing!

  • Tommy Johnson Reply

    I agree, its good to see clothing makers paying attention.

  • TDS Sarah Reply

    Are you still getting on well with them?

    Will send you some shorts in summer

  • jimbob Reply

    Hey Jack, did you retire from the blogasphere?

    • jackpauhl Reply

      No, been working on:

      Creating Complexly Simple Systems
      Found a great deal on paint
      The Suck Factor-Extractor Buyer’s Guide
      Festool CTL 26 E AC Extractor Review
      Graco EasyMax FF

      Plus work is busy as we approach Thanksgiving.

  • Julie Reply

    Hey Jack,

    Why hasn’t there been any updates for months now. I use to love following your blog, but it’s been forever, since I read a new article on your site. Hope all is well and new updates coming soon.

    P.S. Still waiting to see some reviews and testing on the new water-borne alkyds for trim and doors. Especially from Sherwin Williams (which I’m using now) and Ben Moore.

    – Juile

  • Terry 365 painter Reply

    My Christmas present ! I couldn’t wait so been wearing a pair all week . Skim floating ceilings and running texture . Wow they fit great! the pockets or so cool for carrying everything I need for the Job . They seem to stay put. They don’t hang off my belly like other pants do . I now need the proper knee pads for them . The front pockets are like wearing a nail apron around . Nice place for keeping all those tools you don’t think you need until your running back out to the van again .

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