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The Jack Pauhl Brushing Guide

The Brushing Guide Jack Pauhl

Sample: Lesson 4 – Applied Pressure pg. 45

78 pages including new video demonstrations

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Painting New Construction

Painting New Construction

Your Personal Painting New Construction Manual

It’s never too late to start over painting new construction. If you’re not happy with your current results, try something different. Learn how to avoid getting stuck in an endless cycle of costly mistakes. New construction painting is often competitive, efficiency will always be an advantage.

If you’re familiar with Jack Pauhl, you already know its not your average painting content. What you may not know about the tens of thousands of posts published is that, it represents less than 2% of the resources available.

I read the articles, watch the videos, have purchased guides and generally refreshed by the work you do. I am grateful and it has made me a much better painter. Keep up the good work and I look forward to reading the Brushing Guide that I received today. Thanks.

Jeff G.

The Jack Pauhl Painting Oak Guide

The Painting Oak Guide

Learn how to produce a glassy smooth finish on oak with our step-by-step guide. This guide illustrates how to prepare and paint bare oak trim to achieve highly reflective hand brushed finishes using Behr Premium Plus Ultra Semi-gloss.

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