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Microfiber Roller Covers

Microfiber Roller Cover

The following provides a few tips for using microfiber covers to ensure you have the best experience. Microfiber roller covers are known for their ability to hold a lot of paint which typically allows you to roll further with each load.

Make sure the cover has a nice bevel on the end. If not, wet the cover and use scissors to cut bevels.

Rolling vs Spraying Doors – Time Study

Do you remember the “No Compromise” policy I always talk about? Here is one example of hundreds: painting the exterior side of doors.

What exactly does it mean to have a “no compromise” policy? It simply means never compromise a system for efficiency under any circumstances. This literally means having the ability to be presented with two options on the job and have the will power to go with the most efficient despite your personal preference

Keep up the good work. Its good to see what you say about different products and how well they go in the painting trade.

Derek M.