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Jack Pauhl

Proform BLAZE Brush

Proform Blaze

PROPreview Proform BLAZE brush

How does the Blaze stack up against the Picasso? Discover the advantages of the Proform Blaze brush in this 4 page PROPreview.

Your contribution of any amount helps offset costs associated with producing PROPreviews. Thank you!

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You need a book of painting algorithms (flow charts) for specific painting scenarios. I love the tool bag list and have referred back to it several times.

Chuck S.

Drywall Primers: Do They Work? The “B” Test

Drywall Primers The B Test


Drywall Primers. Do They Work? The “B” Test is now available as a seperate 6 page PDF download via Gumroad. You may also be interested in reading “What is the best primer for bare drywall?


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The Laws of Efficiency – A Painter’s Guide To Doing Things Right

Welcome to Jack Pauhl’s weekly series, The Laws of Efficiency—A Painter’s Guide To Doing Things Right.

What is right? Find out each week when we discuss a new law of efficiency. But first, we need to lay some groundwork so the efficiency goal is clearly defined.

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