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Painthacker Magazine The Rolling Edition October 2013

Painthacker Magazine Rolling Edition

Painthacker Magazine is Out!

In the October 2013 Rolling Edition you will find…


Bucket Rolling vs. Pan Rolling

Why bucket rolling claims the top spot on our list of the Top 100 Production Killers.

9-inch Rolling Perspective; The Afterlife of the Nine

How many square feet can you roll in the same time it takes to load a paint roller 2,000 times? The benefits of an 18-inch roller, explained.

Bigger for your rolling pleasure

Rolling 4 passes with a paint roller on a wall will always be twice as fast as rolling 8. Tips for rolling walls.

Paint 5 Colors At Once

Painting 5 colors in 5 rooms? We’ll show you how to paint all 5 of them at once.

Efficiency Lesson No. 15

Painting efficiency comes from not performing certain tasks at all—and making other tasks easy.

Drywall Primers: Do They Work?

Imagine bidding 3 coats of paint, but you discover it takes 6? A $20,000 mistake from which we can learn.

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Self Priming Paint vs. 6 Primers


During our last primer roundup of six well known primers —we discovered some primers did not quite meet our expectations. We also compared adhesion of a flat self priming paint against six primers. The flat paint outperformed all six primers for the specific test, even a past favorite oil-base primer, but not by much. [ 2 min ]

Sherwin Williams Emerald Interior Satin Review

Actually, you can technically call it a comeback

Sherwin Williams has been sitting on the sidelines of the paint technology race for over 10 years, quietly riding out Duration, watching the competition ratchet up product capabilities and features to never before seen levels. And now that every one of its competitors has released next generation products, SW finally laid its cards on the table with Emerald. Another styrene acrylic like Duration.

Hand Brushing Benjamin Moore Advance 792


Benjamin Moore Advance
Benjamin Moore Advance

Benjamin Moore Advance 792


Learn Fast

If you want to learn how to paint, there are countless free videos online showing how to paint. We offer free painting videos too. But, if you want to skip searching and get straight to learning—our short and concise HOW TO Painting Guides will launch you into accomplishing great things, fast.

Learn Tricks of the Trade

Learn tricks of the trade to effectively paint with Benjamin Moore Advance to maximize your time efficiency, increase profits, produce outstanding results and skip the hassles of determining which methods work best. Simply put, there are no other painting guides like it, anywhere.

Benjamin Moore Advance Review

The Art of Watching Paint Dry

Benjamin Moore Advance Paint Review. Today, if paint doesn’t have self-priming abilities, anti-matter shielding, and built-in room deodorizer, it can seem downright boring. And if it happens to be top of the line, you’d pretty much expect at least that much. Fortunately, we have a few strong characteristics in this low viscosity waterborne alkyd to make up for the lack of the former.

benjamin moore advance paint review

NEW: Find out exactly how we create silky smooth highly reflective finishes with Benjamin Moore Advance using our step by step paint guide.