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Rule No. 1 Never Compromise

Many paint contractors find it difficult understanding how much labor can be saved swapping one paint product for another. Labor differences are as clear as black and white for us. For example, this months paint order which exceeds ten thousand dollars for wall paints. There are other products to choose that would reduce the monthly purchase, and still get the job done right. One alternative paint option could reduce ten thousand in half, easily.

Anyone would love to save an extra five thousand if they could, right?

Sherwin Williams Solo Review A76 W 51 Acrylic Paint

Creating beautiful highly reflective finishes is not as easy as one might think—there is a trick to it. Creating smooth fine finishes with acrylics and a paint brush further complicates the task. This Sherwin Williams Solo Review has many things to offer for achieving highly reflective and beautiful hand brushed finishes, and this low viscosity acrylic is perfect for the task.

Sherwin Williams Solo Review

NEW: Find out exactly how we create highly reflective finishes with Solo using our step by step paint guide. 

Production Killer Nail Holes

This guide outlines in brief how to prepare MDF trim for paint to achieve top quality finishes fast with emphasis on nail holes.

Chipping factory primer, puckered holes and glue strands caused by nail gun installation on MDF trim can cost painters thousands of dollars in short time and without them even knowing it. Here are a few tips to prevent wasting labor regardless where the MDF was manufactured or who or how it was installed.

Step 1 – Identify Scope of Work

Are any or all of the following visible?

  1. chipped primer surrounding nail holes
  2. puckered nail holes
  3. glue strands

That’s brushed? That’s BEHR!

The more we learn about a products capabilities, the more we realize there is no short answer when asked about products. As you know, painting contractors can apply coatings many different ways. The above photo of a hand-brushed finish was first published on Google+ and later on paint talk with some basic discussion about how it was achieved. However, the same level of finish can be accomplished using a variety of methods.