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Blaklader Heavy Duty Powerpack

Dare to be Different. They are Different.

Blaklader has been a leading workwear company in Sweden for 50 years. The workwear is popular in all of Europe and now available throughout North America. Blaklader engineering has developed an extensive list of workwear innovations setting the standard for functional workwear. From external utility pockets and Cordura reinforced kneepad pockets their workwear makes you more efficient.

Mirka Handy Sanding Block. Handy Indeed.

Suck it up, Painters!

Sometimes all it takes is color to make things handy but Mirka did not stop there. All-new Handy by Mirka is a masterpiece disguised in simplicity. The extractor-ready sanding block has a soft-grip ergonomic handle which allows more control while sanding. With 55 dust extraction holes spanning a block of  3 x 9 inches (80x230mm) paired with Mikra Abranet abrasives—tethered to a dust extractor—you too can sand virtually dust-free.

20 yr Old Cedar Solid Stain Comparison

We document every job, what we used, how we applied it and everything in between. Yes, even 20 year old paint jobs like the one shown above. We have such an enormous history of product testing because we have a history of preparing for results spanning over 20 years. We apply finishes that last as the result of it. Now if only the stain was still available today.

RIDGID 12 gal Wet and Dry Vac WD12450

Do you remember what you were doing 5 yrs ago?

We were purchasing this RIDGID wet/dry vac. RIDGID is located here locally along with Wooster Brush Company, Sherwin Williams, Glidden Professional, DEVOE, Flood and XIM. It should be no surprise we would end up with a RIDGID wet/dry vac–we’re glad we did. The durable, inexpensive, complexly simplistic vac provided outstanding service ever since.