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MIRKA CEROS 550CV 5 inch Sander

Compact Electric Random Orbital Sander by Mirka

We have two sanders and dust extractors for your Review, the 5 inch (125mm) Mirka CEROS 550CV is one of them paired with the Mirka 912 Dust Extractor. The 5″ CEROS weighs just over 2 lbs, that is half the weight of the FESTOOL RO 125 FEQ in a 5″ diameter sander. Find out why we selected the CEROS as one of the two sanders for review.

Painters Pants Dickies Double Knee 2053WH

Knee pad inserts sold separately

The relaxed fit Double Knee Painters Pants are identical to the popular Dickies Relaxed Fit likely found at Home Depot, Walmart, Sherwin Williams and Glidden Professional with the exception of the double knee patches for extra durability. There is an opening to insert knee pads (sold separately). Triple stitched seams. Hammer loops on both legs & center back. Double tool pocket on left leg holds cell phone or beeper. Wider, deeper rule pocket on right leg.

Festool ROTEX RO 90 DX Preview

One more product off the wish-list

Many products on my wish-list do not exist today. A 3-inch orbital sander was one of them until a few months ago when Festool Rotex RO 90 DX was released. It comes in close to perfect at 3.5-inches, no complaints there. For years I’ve asked every woodworker I crossed paths with if they’ve seen a 3-inch orbital sander. Oddly enough, the last woodworker I asked–was about the time the RO 90 was hitting store shelves.

In the Lab – Brush Hold Capacity

It’s either full of it—or it’s not

One of the top production killers might very well be the one in your hand. How you hold, load and execute cuts—determine the maximum efficiency of the cut. Benchmarking products in the field leads to all sorts of interesting useful data, like this one for example.

Cutting-in 1 mile or (5280 feet) takes one brush 6.5 hrs. Cutting-in with another brush of the same size was only capable of cutting-in 1884 feet in 6.5 hrs.

30 Minutes or Less – Painting Front Doors

One time-suck after the next, but not today.

This weeks 30 Minutes of Less takes a closer look at spraying an exterior front door in—you guessed it, 30 minutes or less. Many paint contractors prefer to brush and/or brush and roll front doors about 5 or 6 times depending on color, but MAXIMUM PAINTING doesn’t play that game and neither should you. With our pump, paint and supplies sitting in the house we do the following: