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10 Skills Every Painter Needs To Possess

A little something fun

  1. Know where to stand and how to hold an extension pole so hitting the ceiling is impossible
  2. Be able to identify your common products by smell
  3. Explain what calcium carbonate is to your neighbor
  4. Box four singles blindfolded
  5. Calculate at a glance the rooms dimensions within two feet
  6. Know the question that co-solvents is the answer to
  7. Define Hypotenuse and how it relates to painting
  8. Know the four points around a paint can lid for easy opening
  9. Differentiate between a pro doo z and a white dove blindfolded
  10. Debate 9 relative merits of rolling out of a pan vs a bucket

HOW TO: Painting 6 Panel Doors

Simple and Effective

Here is one technique I use for painting 6 panel doors to combat hot or windy days without compromising the smooth factory finish. This is the exterior side of an entry door. The door in this video has one coat of black paint, then one coat of Fortis and now in the video is a third coat on this fiberglass door. Notice how there is virtually no trace it was painted with a brush even after 3 coats.

Why it works

This method allows each section of the door to be painted without rushing to keep wet edges.