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Sprayed Finishes – Apples or Oranges?


Spraying todays acrylic paints produce a wide variety of dried finishes, some glass smooth, others more like an orange. More often I hear paint contractors talking about the nice orange peel-like finish a sprayer provides. Personally I never thought orange peel was a nice finish but some do and  some painters try to replicate orange peel finishes with a short nap roller on doors and other smooth flat surfaces.

Brushing MDF, so good you’ll wet yourself!

Fine brushwork for noobs

We constantly seek to minimize workplace variables—from drying time, to risk management, to failsafe product application methods. If there is one thing MAXIMUM PAINTING is not, it’s conventional. This week we took a look at how to achieve the best brushed finishes over pre-primed MDF which is notorious for absorbing anything you put on it, FAST!

Ten Most Important Facts about Duration Home

Yes! You can have silky smooth walls

Let me first start by saying some people have no problem applying Sherwin Williams Duration Home. In fact, some people speak highly of it, I may have different expectations. That said, Duration is one the more difficult paints to achieve uniform finishes on smooth flat drywall. Here are 10 painting tips to ensure you have the best chance of achieving a uniform finish based on our experience applying hundreds of gallons of it, more likely, over a thousand!