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The Technical Decision on Waterborne Alkyd

What features and capabilities to look for in today’s waterborne alkyd contenders

If you’re looking for a new durable go-to trim paint, the decision is more difficult than ever with a new generation of waterborne alkyds from Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore and now, BEHR. All three offering incredible performance and the widest set of features ever before seen in a waterborne, or to be half technical – an alkyd. But, inevitably, each brings its own unique strengths and weaknesses.

Introducing GARDZ by Zinsser

Yep! It’s that good

If you have not already, its time to consider DRC’s as a new option with unmatched performance, reliability and effectiveness over bare drywall or problem surfaces. No wall primer offers the capability of Drywall Repair Clears today.

Zinsser prides itself on being painter-friendly by offering a wide range of niche product you can apply with confidence. So it’s not surprising Zinsser GARDZ® takes sealing to the next level with a slew of features.

Patching without flashing – Yes way!

When you get tired of wasting money and material painting over wall patches several times on satin or eggshell walls, try Gardz next time. Zinsser Gardz penetrates and seals patches thoroughly leaving you with a hard nonporous surface. The hardened surface allows your paint to blend nicely.

Promar 400 vs SherScrub Flat Which is flatter?

This ceiling was painted with Sherwin Williams SherScrub Flat and then a patch of Promar 400 was applied to see which of the two is the flattest. Both flat paints have a considerable amount of drag when painting over itself. There is not enough noticable difference to say one had more drag than the other. When rolling either flats, both absorb very quickly into itself.

Promar 400 is noticeably flatter vs SherScrub Flat

Graco FinishPro 395 Air Assisted Airless Sprayer Review

The Graco FinishPro 395 air assisted airless is a fairly expensive pump to purchase without fully understanding its capabilities. More importantly —its limitations. If you are familiar with the popular Graco Ultra 395 airless sprayer —this is the same great pump with an air compressor mounted below it and a new style spray gun, the Premium G40 Air-Assisted Airless Gun with RAC X SwitchTips, including FFT.