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Crawford’s Vinyl Spackling Paste

Crawford’s vinyl spackling paste is easy to sand, almost too easy.

We used it to patch the areas seen below on doors after they stuck together. Crawford’s is easy to knife but because its lightweight— it required a bit of finesse to patch the faint areas seen below. We had to work the knife in different directions and at times, different pressure to achieve a flush fill. The other option would be to apply excessively to the areas and sand smooth.

MDF Factory Primer Dissolves Fast

Factory MDF primer dissolved in a matter of seconds after flat wall paint dripped on the baseboard. Not all factory primers on MDF will do this, but many do. You can literally wash this primer off with a wet rag. This is why painting over many factory MDF primers drag so much. Reducing your first coat of paint will help to apply the paint quicker with immediate less drag. This will allow you to stay off areas for any length of time. The best approach painting MDF is to not overly work any area too much. Alternatively, you could re-prime the factory primer, but that is best achieved with a sprayer.