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Sherwin Williams Duration Home Matte

This styrene acrylic may cost you some Benjamin’s

Well, it’s about time we got around to talk more about Duration Home Matte. It’s no secret the reviews found on can be brutally honest at times and for good reason. People come here for real advice on a product and want to learn about ‘experiences’ using particular paints or products. Readers also want to know if spending money on a product is worth it, and what to expect.

TOP 20 Products Changed How We Paint

More than any others

To think of the journey testing hundreds of product to finalize on these Top paint brands and products. Collectively, these twenty some products are the core components to our systems.

HOW TO: Select a Putty Knife for Nail Holes

Selecting the right putty knife for the job will provide the best results the quickest. Selecting the wrong putty knife for the job can not only cost you in labor but also in quality of the finish and may even require more attention to the patched area.

HOW TO: 3M Hand-Masker Blade Settings

Here is the 3M Hand-Masker Blade Settings Guide for reference if you no longer have the sticker in place and cant remember the settings. The photo above is set for 1 1/2” masking tape.

HOW TO: Benchmarking Basics

Fullscreencapture827201080140PM.bmp.jpgBenchmarking various tasks lead to the ultimate in productivity and profitability. After all, it’s the key to being efficient. If you’ve never looked closely at where the time goes but you’re ready to —here is a great place to start. Keeping track of where your time goes is a breeze if you work by yourself, but if not, have your guys jot down the time they spend performing various tasks.