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HOW TO: Cutting-in – Formatting the Cut

Lets kick off May talking about ‘formatting the cut’ because everything posted in May relating to cutting-in will involve formatting. Rather than recreate a video, lets take a closer look at the Anatomy of a Cut using the Simple 2 pass Method seen in Painting | Cutting-in Ceiling Lines on YouTube. I’ll do my best to explain, but as easy as the cut looks, there is a lot that goes into cutting 5’ in 8 seconds. As you may already know, my videos do not talk about the details.

Sherwin Williams SHRINK-FREE Spackling

We use Sherwin Williams SHRINK-FREE Spackling to fill nail-holes on pre-primed MDF trim casings and baseboards. The lightweight spackling is easy to use with your fingers or a putty knife. If you choose to use a putty knife—I suggest a very flexible knife. The dried filler sands easily but tough when dry, in fact, its difficult to scrape off the putty knife. This spackling is for interior or exterior use.


Competent, faster, and easier, but not pricier.

From the looks of it, you probably wouldn’t consider BEHR a true contender as a  professional painter because it doesn’t say PROFESSIONAL on the can and it comes from a big box store rather than a paint store. Well, there are a few dirty secrets in the paint industry to keep you one-up on your competition, and one of the best-kept is BEHR PREMIUM PLUS ULTRA—paint contractors know about it but almost no one actually uses it or admits to using it, but that’s quickly changing.


The results are in! We tested the ability to paint BEHR PREMIUM PLUS ULTRA Eggshell MSRP $32  over bare drywall and previously painted drywall without primer as advertised. For comparison, we have the results of Sherwin Williams Duration Home Satin MSRP $46 and ICI DULUX DIAMOND Eggshell  MSRP $46 (now called GLIDDEN PROFESSIONAL DIAMOND 450). We also tested BEHR PREMIUM PLUS ULTRA SATIN which has more sheen than the Eggshell version over previously white painted semi-gloss walls for coverage purposes.


We first wrote about DEVOE DEVFLEX QD Semi-Gloss back in the fall of 2009. We spread about 60 gallons of 4206 a month and while we like many characteristics of this paint, we also have some issues with it. First off, there is nothing (quick drying) about this paint. In fact, DEVFLEX QD has one of the longest drying times when it comes to acrylics. This product boasts a rapid recoat time which from our experience is bullshit and its best not to try rushing a recoat with 4206 otherwise you’ll find your finish running to the floor.