Is Eleven The New Nine? It Should Be

Bad habits are hard to break

When you really sit down to think about rolling a room with a 9” roller cover—it does seem a bit silly, doesn’t it? Nine inches is only about the size of your hand stretched from pinky to thumb. Other things nine inches: TV Remote, size 9 shoe, mouse pad, 2 iPhones side-by-side, bread pan, box of tissues, dinner plate, tube of toothpaste. You can maximize your productivity by cutting your own size roller cover from either a 12, 14 or 18-inch covers using a (cough) miter saw… be careful.. please, and re-bevel it with scissors. Alternatively, a PVC hand saw can be used to cut a roller cover.

A 9-inch cover, in my most humble opinion has no place for a paint contractor.

When I look at a 9-inch cover I just think, “this will take some time”. If you typically roll with a nine then you may not be aware of the efficiency of larger covers and how they help to produce consistent finishes. By the time you overlap a nine, you are making 6 or 7 inch passes. Yup… not very efficient is it?

There are 12” roller covers available, but I prefer to roll with 11” because it fits in more places. From there, I like a 14” and for wide open spaces, I use an 18”. You can fit an 11” cover on most durable 9-inch frames. Simply add an end-cap to the open end. Those of you rolling out of a five gallon bucket would need to cross over to the dark side of paint pans [insert Darth Vader noise] like an 18-inch pan. Try it! Or skip the 11″ and go straight to rolling with a 14″ roller cover.

 Rolling with an 11-inch roller cover below a window with tall baseboard.

 Rolling under kitchen cabinets with the roller positioned to reflect a backsplash in place.

Top Photo: Rolling with an 11-inch roller cover above a door cased with wide trim. It’s best to roll the areas above doors sideways and tight so this is a perfect fit.


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5 Responses
  • Paul Reply

    Hi Jack, From over the water in the UK. Thanks for all the top tips you provide, and the obvious dedication you apply to the painting trade! Rolled a room with a Wooster GT convertible with a 9″ sherlock frame with a 12″ cover – edges bevelled last week! Worked a treat.
    Keep up the great work buddy!

  • jackpauhl Reply

    Great Paul! I simply find it difficult to roll anything with a 9 inch roller anymore. Takes so long in comparison to other wider options.

  • Archer Reply

    Jack, I bought some roller covers from USA, I’m currently working in Australia. When I saw them, I got shock. I thought that 9′ is the standard roller cover in USA, should be the same size standard as Australia, however, 270mm roller cover in Australia is much wider than 9’! Now I can only use them to paint the doors or any narrow space. Pity!

  • Bruddah Mike Reply

    Thanks for the tip Brian.
    Never considered making my own custom covers.

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